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Bible Study & Theology

This ESV Journaling Bible is one of my favorite daily Bible study tools. The wide margins give me room to write out prayers or significant dates; it also allows me room to make notes about themes, repeated words, attributes of God's character that are on display in the passage and so much more.


Similar to the ESV Journaing Bible, these ESV Scripture Journals put one book of the Bible in a small paperback format. The left side of the page includes the Scripture, while the entire right side of the page is blank. These are great for notes during sermon series or for your own personal study time.


The Bible Project guys provide rich content that are both illustrated and explained in ways that are easy to understand.


The Bible Hub website is my go-to for looking at specific words in the original Greek or Hebrew language.


Third Mill Ministries offers a free video seminary. They have a growing library of resources that are easily accessible and help you grow in your understanding of Scripture.


The Gospel Coalition also offers free seminary-type training with a wide variety of course options.


The Bible Recap Podcast with Tara Leigh Cobble provides accessible, bite-sized summaries of the Bible. Each podcast is a reflection on that day's reading, which is offered in chronological format. Tara Leigh provides some general context of each passage and then what she calls "the God shot" which is basically where she sees God acting redemptively within that day's passage.


In this workshop, Nancy Guthrie aims to help women understand the overarching story of the Bible by tracing its major themes.

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