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The Wholehearted Workshop

The Wholehearted Project Workshop is a two to three hour guided group experience. While walking through the Creation--Fall--Redemption--Restoration narrative of Scripture, we interact with elements of our own stories and how they fit into the larger story of the Scriptures. At the end of the workshop, each woman will walk away with a tangible reminder of God's mending work in her life. For more information or to schedule a workshop, fill out the form below. 



This section of the workshop explores God's creation—a world filled with goodnessbeauty, and life—and our place in it as his image bearers—created with dignity, honor, and value. 



This section takes a deep dive into the realities of sin and suffering. We spend time reflecting on our own stories, and we take time to lament how those stories have shaped us and affected our relationships with God and others.  



In this final section, we turn our eyes toward Jesus, our compassionate Savior, who came to redeem and restore all things—including the broken pieces of our hearts. 

Are you interested in hosting a Wholehearted Workshop for your church or organization?

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