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Video Resources with Chrystie Cole

These video-based resources were produced during my time on staff at a local church and are the result of many believers working together to produce discipleship content that meets women where they are. This page will be updated as new videos are produced. Please be sure to join the email list, if you would like to be notified whenever news resources are released


Shame: Finding Freedom
Video-Based Study with Workbook

Created by Chrystie Cole and Ruthie Delk

Shame is a universal issue; we all experience it, it’s just not something we talk about. It is often confused with perfectionism, people-pleasing, fear of man, or guilt. Shame is the powerful undercurrent that lurks undetected in the dark corners of our lives and shapes our day-to-day choices, actions, and relationships. Though the circumstances and experiences of shame are different for every woman, the core is the same for all: shame is an identity issue.

You may feel the sting of shame from your own choices, or maybe you feel marked by the shameful actions others committed against you; you may be deeply aware of shame in your life or you think shame is something only the most broken struggle with. Regardless of where you find yourself, everyone needs to grow in awareness of what shame is and how it operates.


This study will help you learn what shame is, identify the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that cause shame, how it affects you in everyday life, and how to live in the freedom and comfort Christ holds out to you.

If you are a church or an organization interested in using this study with a group, please contact I can send you additional resources and discuss group discount pricing.

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